Edward Herron
Character Information
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Glass shoved down his throat by James Perrone
Actor Information
Portrayed by: Greg Keen

Edward "Eddie" Herron was a serial killer who appeared in Quid Pro Quo in Profiler.


Not much is revealed about Herron, except he somehow gained a fetish for women's hair, preferring braids, which was coupled with violent tendencies in him. he became a notorious serial killer in his neighborhood, strangling two women with their own braids and taking them as trophies before leaving the two women at docksides; by the time the episode ends, their names are still unknown.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The episode opens with the Violent Crimes Task Force investigating his latest murder of Christina Perrone, the daughter of unapprehended crime boss James Perrone. Soon after, Herron murders another women, also left with an unknown name after the episode ends. Eventually, Perrone's subordinates in his criminal syndicate kidnap Herron and scare him into turning himself in and giving a full confession to law enforcement. Afterwards, Perrone somehow gets into his cell and breaks an light bulb in the ceiling above him, shoving the broken glass down his throat and making the murder look like a suicide.

Modus OperandiEdit

Herron targeted women with long, braided hair who lived in his neighborhood and he just happened to come across. He would follow them and attack them by surprise, killing them by strangling them with their own braided hair. He would cut their braids off afterwards and take them, leaving the women he killed at docksides to be found and keeping their braids in a box in his house as trophies.


White male, mid-to-late 30s. The murders are impulsive, the killer chooses women he picks out on sight, and the sites where his victims are left have no noticeable pattern. They're all from the same neighborhood, his hunting ground, where he most likely also lives and sees them walking by. His hair fetish most likely derives from some significant woman in his life, like his mother or nanny, whose death triggered his urge to kill, and touching, feeling, and even smelling the braids brings him back to his childhood and the desired effect it had then. There's most likely a major guilt factor going hand-in-hand with his fetish, and he probably started a family to rectify even feeling urges regarding his fetish, though his family situation may be in trouble or have already fallen apart. The lack of a time cycle between murders suggests spotty employment at best.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Two unidentified women
  • Christina Perrone
  • Unidentified woman
  • Unidentified woman (attempted; abandoned plan)
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